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Ancient Egyptian God Thoth in New Spirit Guide Collection at Expansive Arts Online

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Thoth is the Egyptian God of writing, magic, wisdom & the moon. Easily one of the most important & influential gods of Ancient Egypt, he was said to have been born of the seed of Horus & the forehead of Set. Being the son of two, who represented order & Chaos respectively, he was also the God of equilibrium & balance. He was associated closely with both the principle of Ma'at (divine balance) and the Goddess Ma'at, who personified this principle (and who is seen often as his wife). Another of his consorts was the Nehemetawy (she who embraces those in need), the protector Goddess. In his form as A'an, Thoth presided over the judgment of the dead with Osiris in The Hall of Truth & those souls who feared they might not pass through the judgment safely were encouraged to call upon Thoth for help. The consort most often associated with Thoth is Seshat, goddess of writing. The keeper of books and patron goddess of libraries & librarians was alternately his wife or daughter.

Thoth was also known as the "Lord of Divine Words" & as a just & incorruptible judge.

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