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Your Body Can Hear You, Your Body Can Heal.

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What do you see when you look in the mirror?

A beautiful human being?

Bones & blood held together by a suit made of skin?

Do you believe that you chose this Body before you came in?

Your Relationship With Your Body

The answer to that question depends significantly on how you feel about your Body right now. Suppose that you feel healthy, and are happy with your physical appearance, then you might be inclined to say that you chose your Body. If you feel unhealthy or do not appreciate the way you look and feel, then there is no way in hell that you will decide that you chose your Body.

I believe our soul manifests & expresses itself through the Bodies’ physical expression by way of the cellular structure & DNA.

Still, your Body is not you. You are consciousness. 

Instead, it is a vessel made of the earth that you get to collaborate with during your stay here on the planet. Remember that you are borrowing your Body, and you’ve already agreed to, one day, give it back.

In this way, you could look at your Body as a friend or companion. It gets to be with you always and is here to support you.
In the same way, you can support your Body and make sure that you both can enjoy the experience you share here as much as possible.

So you are on this earth’s mission with your partner, the Body.

It is only natural that if you plan to go on a partnered mission for however many years, you will have ups and downs, good and bad times and that the two of you will not always agree. Sometimes you will protect your Body, and sometimes your Body will protect you. Sometimes, even your Body will protect itself from you and you from yourself.
The relationship between you and your Body is dynamic and always changing as you both grow, hurt, heal & mature.
When you can see your beautiful Body as your earth partner & support, you can realize more of a sense of care for & responsibility for it that; maybe you didn’t give to it when you thought of your Body as you.

There are a couple of things that we know about your mission together here on earth.
The only way you can finish the mission is with the Body. Your consciousness can leave the Body and travel the astral realms for a time like you do every night while you dream. But once the Body can no longer go on, there goes your Earth, spacesuit.

You, who are consciousness, cannot continue this game because here on earth, you’re required to have an body.

Naturally, wanting this mission to be successful, you want to do whatever it takes to support one another. 

Talk To Your Body

The first change you may want to make is instead of talking ABOUT your Body in the third person, talk TO your Body.

If your partner in crime is always listening, then you wouldn’t speak to him or her in the third person. You would speak directly to her. Otherwise, it would be condescending or seen as a gesture of disrespect.

When you speak to your Body, look at it. Stop everything else you are doing, look at it, and speak directly to it. Show your Body that you respect it enough to give it the time and full attention it wants or requires.

You are no longer running through life with your Body as an afterthought. Or whisper to it as if there is a secret between the two of you, and it’s you two on a top-secret mission that nobody knows about, which will increase morale between you.

On many levels, this isn’t untrue. Hehe. Bonnie & Clyde style, sort of.

Ask your body what it wants and what it needs and then give your Body permission to intercede.

When you are at the grocery store shopping, give your body permission to make decisions. What you are doing here is opening a door for yourself to be able to hear and to listen.
“Body, what kinds of foods would you like, or do you need? Help me to listen to you.”
If you are not used to this kind of dialogue with your Body, then the best thing you can do it to avoid having any expectations.

If your Body suddenly spoke to you psychically, this would be profound, amazing, and likely startling or even scary. Instead, listen to your Body through feeling. Slow down and consciously breathe. Just assume that your Body will manage its chemical system to send you the messages and expect to receive them. That’s it.

This process will often play out unconsciously. You may not know until you begin to notice at checkout that there are some things that you wouldn’t usually purchase or eat. Please take notice of this and appreciate it, and be aware of any resistance. If there is something that you are buying that you have never liked, buy it anyway. Chances are there will come a time when you will suddenly and unexpectedly have a craving.

Changes like this come on slowly and smoothly. Through an evolutionary process, a genetic blueprint that’s been encoded in your DNA since the moment of your birth.

For instance, I am not a vegetarian, and I never decided to try to be. My diet has changed and continues to, however, naturally. I rarely ever eat meat these days, but I do not deprive myself of anything. I simply don’t desire as much red meat.

We have all heard our friends talk about their bodies in different ways, and we have all thought of and spoken of our bodies and uplifted them or shamed when around other people or alone. 

From now on, pay extra special attention and take notice. The next time you hear someone talking about their Body, ask yourself, how does what this person is saying make their Body feel? If their Body was to overhear? Because we aren’t ever really talking ABOUT our bodies, we are speaking directly TO THEM.  

For instance, if you say that your mostly happy with your Body but your ‘legs are so skinny‘ and they ‘can’t seem to grow no matter how many squats‘ you do, while that isn’t the worst way you could’ve worded it, it isn’t especially encouraging to the Body. 

When you are frustrated with someone for not meeting your expectations, making them feel bad is potentially the least productive thing you can do to motivate them. Instead, you can encourage them with positive words and encouragement. 

Something that I have learned in my 36 earth years here this time is that the more I love my Body, the more my Body changes into precisely the way I want it to be. 

Something that I like to recommend to friends when having this conversation is this.  

When you pass by a bathroom mirror, or maybe in front of it when you are just out of the shower, or even while you are in the shower… take a moment to go over yourself and find something about your Body that you love. Then, take a few moments to notice and appreciate that part of your Body. Maybe it’s your smile or your pretty eyes, maybe the way your beard is trimmed or your hair is curlier in one section of your head. 

Often, it’s the things that make us unique and different, those things that made us insecure as kids, that really make us the most special.

Words Are Important

I often say that meditation is the single solution to every problem and the way to get anything and everything that you want. I attribute everything that I have and everything that I am today to meditation.
The reason is simple. We create our reality with our thoughts, our feelings and our words. Ultimately there is more to the total recipe but this is a great place to start and everything else just adds to these fundamental parts. Feelings & thoughts.


Do not help that thought by adding words and emotions if it will not help you. Words keep the thought moving and add to it. Now it is on a trajectory moving forward, increasing in power, and gathering momentum.
You will want to say, but some of those thoughts I’m choosing not to put words to are true! My reply would be as the great Esther Hicks says, “Just because something is true doesn’t mean it deserves your attention.”
Emotion is energy in motion, so if energy is going to bring something that you do not want, you want to detach from it. That way you prevent any more energy-in-motion from adding to it and allow the release of any that is already attached. Slow it down until it eventually fizzles out. How do you know if energy is going to bring you something that you do not want? Easy. When you think about it, you feel bad. You feel anxious, you feel stress.

You cannot stop thinking a thought because the very act of not thinking about it is thinking about it, increasing the energy and emotion. What you can do is think of another thought and the original thought will eventually dissolve away. This is simply the way it is.

Trade In Your GPS For Your EGS

Your car and your cell phone likely have built-in GPS systems that will tell you every turn to make to reach your desired destination. Did you know that you have your own guidance system that will tell you in which ways you need to be going? That it is mapped out by your higher self? (When I refer to your higher self, it could also be your inner being, your soul, or whatever is comfortable and fitting according to your belief) And the way that you read and follow it is by tuning into the way that you feel. Well, you do! It’s called your EGS.

The Art Of Emotion

I am going to explain this as simply as I can because it is a big concept. There are different aspects of you, most of which you are not aware of. You are primarily focused, pin-pointedly as the human you. The you that is emotional, the physical you. While you are physical, you still vibrate because everything moves. Its physics. Everything is constantly in motion and even when it seems like you are still, or the floor, or the table… there is motion happening that we cannot perceive.
You are a vibrational frequency.
Your inner being or higher self also has a vibrational frequency. Of course, it is a much higher frequency. When you feel good, it is because you are seeing things the way your higher self sees them. Lovingly. So your frequency and your inner beings’ frequency are in resonance or harmony.
When you feel bad, it’s because you are seeing them differently (ie. judgmentally) so your two vibrational frequencies (yours and your inner beings) are dissonant and do not vibrate or feel in harmony. When you see lovingly like your higher self, you are in resonance and in harmony.
So, contrary to what you might have been told, it’s important that you feel good. Most important. So follow that good feeling! It will lead you on a path full of fun and excitement that in every moment is where you want to be.

The Key To Regaining Access To You

Where does meditation come into play with all of this? Meditation allows for a quieter mind all the time. Without all of the constant chit chat going on in your mind all the time, you become very aware of each thought and, naturally, how each thought is making you feel. Then you have the choice in every moment to continue adding to the thought, to reframe it, or to move to a better feeling thought. What happens next is you change your mind and you watch your life change as a reaction or reflection of your new state of mind.

The dictionary version of words isn’t necessarily of key importance, but the meaning that you attribute to the word. When it comes to words to describe feelings, I believe the simpler the better. When you are having a conversation with your mind, there is no one to impress.

Think or say things like, ‘wearing this dress makes me feel sexy’. Chances are you will feel a little silly, but really get into it, no one else on earth is watching!
You know that feeling when you really let yourself go when singing or dancing alone and you almost feel embarrassed but you get a rush of goosebumps or energy? That is good, you want to feel that because you are integrating parts of yourself that you have been avoiding or suppressing. 🙂 More of that embarrassed feeling.

Healing The Body By Allowing It To Maintain Balance

Could you imagine if the whole point of meditation is to quiet the mind so the Body can relax?
Stress causes reactions in your Body like the release of hormones like cortisol. These hormones oxidize your cells which is degrading to your physical structure. When you are stressed you are feeling dis-ease. You do not feel easy. This leads to disease. Stress and not feeling ease, eventually lead to the physical manifestation of disease. (It’s literally in the language)

When the Body can relax it can do what it’s good at. Healing. You see, your Body wants to maintain balance in everything. And it is designed to do that. You are one wholistic system made up of interdependent systems that all are connected and working together, all with the goal of maintaining balance and harmony. When we throw in pharmaceutical drugs to fix things it prevents our Body from its own healing.

(I’m not saying there is no value in drugs, I’m only saying they are a band-aid which can be incredibly helpful and life-saving but also more damaging than anything.


Some things cannot be understood intellectually. Some things can only be felt. That is okay. It’s a good thing.
Get out of your head & into your heart. Love yourself, Love your Body & everything else will sort itself out.

Be Well.


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