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Mayan Astrology

"Tzolkin, meaning the ‘Count of Days’ in Yucatecan, is the Sacred Mayan Calendar that was utilized by Mayan priests for ceremonies, rituals and divination purposes. This sacred calendar was followed by several Mesoamerican civilizations and, although expressed with different names and some nuances, they all consisted of a combination of 20 symbols by 13 numbers. The Cholq’ij, its name in Quiche, is still in use by the Day Keepers in Mayan communities of Highland Guatemala.

The 20 Solar Seals or glyphs are energies or archetypes represented by names, and called Solar Seals in their modern term. The 13 numbers are expressed in dots and bars and are known as Lunar Tones. Both, glyphs and numbers, have a correlation to the human body (twenty fingers and toes and thirteen joints), and the entire 260-day cycle also relates to both human gestation (pregnancy) and agriculture cycles.

Each day has a unique combination of energies that influences us in certain ways. Getting consciously in tune with the cycle daily is a wonderful way to reconnect with our essence, feel part of the web of life and live in harmony with all existence!"

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