Express your inner beauty, outwardly.

Ancient & Sacred History

There are stories of our Ancient past that have been passed down through countless generations on our planet. Often, we refer to them as myths because they are so far from the way we exist today or even anything we can imagine. What if these stories are accounts of our actual human history, of which, any records have been lost? What if life has transformed and changed in a multitude of ways, even through form, consciousness & dimensions? Many of us are drawn to these ancient tales of earth's history as if something inside of us knows there is more to the story, but the details are muddled to our soul's infinite memory. 

Our work then becomes to gather all of the informational pieces, use our incredible critical thinking minds & by going within to cultivate our intuitive discernment & inner-wisdom, to re-remember what has been, so long to us lost. Then we can use our mysterious & magical history to create our Divine future.